The Influence Series - Programmes to Persuade
The influence series
Programmes to Persuade

Identify, analyse and explore a range of different communication styles to ensure effectiveness in any interpersonal interaction.

This uplifting, inspirational and firmly experiential programme looks at what it takes to be a masterful communicator, both in and outside of work, whether in person or virtual.

We support participants of all experiences to dial up their confidence, approach and impact in a range of situations so they communicate in a way that is congruent, influential and meaningful.

Whether it’s how to navigate high-stakes situations, land an update in a meeting with impact, deal with a difficult stakeholder or simply feel confident enough to share a thought or feeling in a group, we’ll examine a range of theories, approaches and behavioural tips to achieve a wide-range of participant goals.

Outcomes for individuals 

  • Increase your influence: Live methods to boost and impove your impact.
  • Deepen your confidence: Increase your choices so you know exactly what and how to say things, when.
  • Reduce nerves: Craft messages with certainty so you minimise nerves in a range of scenarios.

Outcomes for the Organisation

  • Steer into productivity: Help your people get more done by dialling up their clarity.
  • Support wellbeing: Remove communication pain points to support the wellbeing of teams.
  • Improve stakeholder relationships: Nuanced and flexible communication to enhance and improve relationships.


This training has a variety of delivery options available.

  • 2 Hour Virtual Delivery: Delivered via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, this compact training is ideal for those working remotely or seeking a shorter programme.
  • Full Day Face to Face: In-house training for your team to maximise communication live.
  • 1-2-1 Coaching: Personalised one to one coaching with an executive coach.


“I would work with People People happily.. their approach is unique to everyone..”


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