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Created and crafted from the world of drama & acting

At People People, we firmly believe that communications training, when done well, can have a profound knock-on effect on all areas of our life. It impacts our sense of self-worth, our relationships with others, and our perception of the world around us.

As a team of executive coaches, actors, and psychologists, communication is our speciality. Our courses are designed to help you harness the power of communication, both within yourself and with others, unlocking untapped potential both in the workplace and beyond.

Our programmes below are carefully designed to focus on specific areas, each aimed at unlocking your full potential:

Curbing conflict

Conflict, whether hidden beneath the surface or out in the open, can be a powerful force if managed effectively. Our “Curbing Conflict” programme equips you with the tools to defuse damaging disputes and foster win-win resolutions. Learn to navigate the complexities of conflict and turn challenges into opportunities for growth and understanding.

Legendary Listening

Listening isn’t just about hearing words; it’s about truly understanding others. In our “Legendary Listening” programme, you’ll discover the difference between simply waiting to speak and the art of active listening. Gain the tools and techniques needed to receive, empathize, and connect with others on a deeper level, both personally and professionally.

Impact and Influence

Influence is a superpower that can transform your interactions, whether in person or in the virtual world. Our “Impact and Influence” programme is packed with practical strategies to empower you to build trust, navigate social dynamics, and influence stakeholders. Harness the flexibility needed to become an influential force in any space.

Accessing Assertiveness

We believe assertiveness is about finding mutually beneficial solutions and maintaining healthy relationships. Our “Accessing Assertiveness” programme explores multiple strategies to find solutions and express messages whilst also addressing the emotions that can arise when asserting yourself. We also focus on the importance of effective vocal and body language skills to deliver messages with impact, that are both clear and kind.

Request a brochure to find out more about our communication skills programmes or get in touch! We’re excited to discuss your communication needs and how we can assist your organisation in becoming more confident, effective communicators.

Discover Our Delivery Options:

  • 2-Hour Virtual Sessions: Quick and convenient online sessions for focused learning from anywhere.
  • Full-Day Face-to-Face Programmes: Dive deep into immersive, in-person workshops for comprehensive skill-building.
  • 1-2-1 Coaching: Personalised coaching tailored to your goals and needs for individualised growth.

Find out more about our other programmes:

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