Created and crafted from the world of drama & acting

This is our flagship offering, and most popular suite of development programmes.


We combine our expertise in performance and psychology to empower you with the skills needed to become captivating presenters on stage, in meetings, and beyond.


This is our most popular programme – a multi-session, transformative journey into everything to do with presentations. We’ll look at voice, body-language, presentation structure and managing nerves, with real-time expert feedback and coaching throughout. Includes before and after video recording. Dare we say it, it’s also pretty fun too.


WHO IT CAN HELP:  Everyone!


An action-oriented foundation session for those who are presenting more often in their roles and want to improve their confidence and impact with tailored top tips.


WHO IT CAN HELP: Aimed at graduates, junior or line management, or those in operational roles. Its helpful for those who present informally or formally, and for whom presenting is becoming increasingly important in their role.


Storytelling 101

Storytelling is part of how we make sense of the world: who we are, where we’re going, and how we communicate this. This course looks at how to use storytelling within presentations and our daily communications so that we move and inspire others.


WHO IT CAN HELP: Anyone who shares messages about their organisation, internally or externally.

Powerful Pitches

Do you find sales presentations challenging? This tailored programme will help your team re-interrogate your competitive differentiators and articulate your critical selling messages in a more compelling way, bringing your win-themes to life with confidence.


WHO IT CAN HELP: Senior sales and business development professionals, or those presenting their organisations credentials – either in-person or online – in order to win business.


Jodie Lowe
MoneySupermarket Group
Talent & Development Partner

People People make the whole journey a fun, easy and painless process! I love watching participants experimenting with new techniques and pushing these through in to their day job. I see the learning popping up all the time! You can’t ask for more than that.

Athina Panagiotaki
Pan Pacific London
Learning & Development Manager

People People are truly exceptional. Their courses are well structured, informative, and engaging. They always go the extra mile to ensure that every participant understand the course content. They really are the best in the business. 

Lamia Brunt
Coventry Building Society
Talent Development Advisor

People People are a pleasure to work with. Their Pretty Powerful presentations course was excellently facilitated. They create a safe, collaborative environment where our team are able to be themselves, step outside their comfort zone, and present with greater engagement, confidence and personality. I will definitely be using their services again. 

Edward Gallier
Leonardo Hotels (UK and Ireland)
Head of Learning & Development

‘People People encourage longevity in relationships by extensively preparing and not just merely turning up. It’s so reassuring to know that you are going to get something useful. What I like about them is that they’re not vanilla. They’re like chocolate and blood orange ice cream. You think you know the chocolate part, and then you get hit with an added blood orange twist. They have such an energy in the room.

Claire Anderson
Camden Town Brewery
Head of People

Working with People People is a joy! Robert really worked hard to get to the bottom of what we were trying to achieve and delivered content that challenged staff, while offering practical tools to take away in the day to day.  It feels like a true partnership and we look forward to running more sessions in the future.

Emma Levy
Museum of London
Learning & Development Manager

People People are exceptionally personable. I was drawn to their creativity and ability to really drill down to what we were trying to achieve. Some participants have commented that it’s the best training they have ever been on. It is now part of our core offer.

Spire Logo
Spire Health Care
Organisational Development Consultant

Excellent facilitator, blending acting techniques with leadership development, their relaxed and welcoming style ensures that all delegates take the most from their learning.  I do not hesitate to recommend  to you.

Niki Fincham
RBH Hospitality Management
Group Learning & Development Manager

As a result of the programme, every single person in the talent development group was aware of what they did well and needed to work on in order to increase their impact during presentations. They were inspired to work overnight and used the learnings from the session to coach each other before they delivered to their seniors the following day.

Simon Devereux
The Mill
Group Head of Learning & Development

A genuine collaboration where People People took on the challenges of our business, listened to our cultural nuances and most importantly built on the objectives of the training. They delivered two wonderfully engaging, interactive and relevant experiences for an audience of executives and creative directors. I look forward to a continued working relationship with them.

Nina Collins
Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors
Digital Learning Manager

People People are great to work with. They’re creative and professional, coming up with interesting and workable ideas for online training in interpersonal skills development. They worked with us to understand internal audit, ensuring the material met the needs of our learners. I can highly recommend them.

Our Delivery Options:

All our courses can be delivered remotely or in-person. We offer:

2-Hour Virtual Sessions:
Quick and convenient online sessions

Face-to-Face Programmes:
Immersive, in-person workshops – half or full day

1-2-1 Coaching:
Personalised coaching tailored to your goals

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